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System Control Operator
Purpose of the Job:  
This individual reports to the System Control Manager. The role of this individual is to perform the functions necessary to direct, monitor and operate LCUB’s electrical distribution system in a safe, efficient, and reliable manner, and be able to exercise quick decision making in accordance with normal and emergency procedures.
Essential Job Duties:
  1. Under direct supervision of the Systems Control Manager, utilizes independent action to evaluate the efficient actions necessary to direct, monitor, advise and operate LCUB’s power system in a safe and reliable manner, safeguard LCUB’s property and other private or public property, and maintain safe conditions for employees and the public.
  1. Daily utilize LCUB’s Customer Management Billing (CMB), Automated Vehicle Location (AVL), Outage Management System (OMS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI), Security Camera, Radio, Weather/Lightning programs, telephony, and other applications so that inquiries from customers and employees can be handled promptly and efficiently.
  1. Directs the restoration of service to customers utilizing LCUB’s OMS in consultation with Operations Personnel to assure the highest levels of customer satisfaction is met.
  1. Monitors LCUB’s electric distribution system through a knowledge and proficient use of SCADA and OMS.
  1. Analyzes and notifies the appropriate LCUB personnel as needed of alarms received for SCADA controlled devices (substation breakers, pole top reclosers, substation equipment, and other system controls); reads and interprets system diagrams and various instrument readings and indications; performs activities as needed or prescribed by current operating procedures; and checks for compliance with prescribed operating limits on lines and equipment (load, voltage, temperature, etc.).
  1. Writes switching orders as needed during maintenance and restoration in order to insure reliability of service to LCUB’s customers in consultation with Electrical Engineering.
  1. Directs switching orders in consultation with LCUB’s Electrical Engineers, Operations Supervisors, and field personnel, to remove lines and equipment from service for maintenance or restoration.
  1. Analyzes emergency situations and adopts a quick, effective, and reasonable course of action including the notification and dispatch of appropriate LCUB personnel and resources.
  1. Manages all communications with TVA’s Transmission Organization to include loss of service to LCUB’s Substations, scheduling of system outages where maintenance is required, and all other communications associated with the keeping the electrical system operating.
  1. Provides, issues, releases, and records “caution” and “hold” orders as required by operating personnel by using the appropriate OMS tools to authenticate the appropriate device is being altered to provide the needed protection.
  1. Operates LCUB’s OMS to assure the accurate entry of outage calls via manual entry, IVR, SCADA, or other devices to establish and properly locate system outages; monitors the dispatching of crews to outage locations; monitors the identification and confirmation of devices causing outages; monitors and inputs all switching or back-feeding that occurs during the outage to insure that the OMS model is accurate and as close to “as-switched” as possible; assures that all unresolved calls are properly identified; monitors the closing of all outages to insure that proper coding is applied, crews are released, outage statistics are valid, and outage data is archived for appropriate reporting indices.
  1. Assists in testing and troubleshooting of LCUB’s OMS due to routine upgrades and software failure in consultation with the System Control Manager.
  1. Supports the AMI by monitoring the data, equipment, and communication alarms. Evaluates the complexity of the problem and elevates the situation to appropriate department.
14.Attends any off-site training in utility operations, construction and maintenance of electric transmission and distributions systems, construction and maintenance of electric substations (relay and controls) and/or associated electric systems protective devices, control room organization and system design, as requested or required.
15.Successfully passes any other schools/tests that may be required by LCUB.
16.Receives and logs telephone calls from general public, emergency agencies, and other employees and determines course of action.  Communicates with all callers in a courteous, respectful and professional manner and tone.
  1. Retrieves outage calls from IVR vendor site that are unable to successfully navigate the OMS system; calls customer to determine problem; and updates customer information when necessary.
  1. Dispatches service workers to install and remove electric service and perform various other routine service-related and maintenance tasks via LCUB’s mobile work force.
  1. Serves as recipient of TVA/TVPPA Emergency Load Curtailment Program (ELCP) notifications; notifies appropriate LCUB officials of initiation and cancellation of various steps.
  1. Monitors security cameras located at LCUB buildings and substations and notifies appropriate employees or authorities of unauthorized activity. Monitors, records, and responds to all security alarms related to LCUB Main Office, Warehouse, and all LCUB Office properties.
  1. Monitors outage calls and radio transmissions to determine existence of “dig-ins,” oil spills or hazardous waste conditions, or Public Contact Accidents on LCUB’s system.  Immediately notifies the LCUB Director of Risk & Safety and appropriate safety personnel of all Public Contact Accidents; submits necessary “One-Call” tickets; and notifies appropriate parties of oil spills or transformer leakages occurring.
  1. Receives district daily collection sheets, emails notifications of payments received on disconnected accounts, and other notifications or requests for meter setbacks; sorts and dispatches all meter setbacks to district on-call personnel; adds appropriate contact notes to customer’s account to document dispatch and restoration of service.
  1. Records data in logs and interruption reports, within OMS, and enters data to reflect appropriate field operations.
  1. Performs such other duties as may be assigned or directed, including alerting appropriate Gas, Water, and Sewer personnel of trouble issues regarding those departments.

Interested applicants should submit resume via email to Phil Pierce at ppierce@lcub.com
Lenoir City Utilities Board is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all applicable laws and regulations in our employment practices. All qualified applicants receive equal consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identify, age, physical or mental disability, or covered veteran status.
LCUB is a TN Drug-Free Workplace Program participant. All LCUB facilities and vehicles are tobacco-free.
Position: System Control Operator
Organization: Lenoir City Utilities Board
Location: Lenoir City,  TN 
United States
Posting Start Date:
Date Posted: 6/5/2024
Requirements Job Requirements:
      Education and training: High School graduate or equivalent; Two year technical engineering degree or cad degree preferred. Must be trainable and eager to learn new computer skills.  Requires the necessary skill to effectively communicate/interact with the public, other employees, and supervisors.
      Entry level training before reporting to full-time work assignment:
1.Math Assessment
2.Overview of basic utility theory and operation
3.Operation Bulletins and Policies
4.GIS/OMS Basic Training
5.One week training with line crew
6.One week training serviceman/substation technician
To move to the second level, the following training and experience must be successfully completed:
1.Basic OMS/SCADA skills assessment
2.Complete one year of satisfactory service or demonstrate proficiency at a suitable competency level
3.Successfully pass LCUB’s Systems Control Procedures Test
To move to the Senior Systems Control Operator level, an employee must demonstrate the ability to perform and manage all functions related to the safe reliable operation of the electric system. A total of 5 years’ experience related to this work is required. The following training and experience must be successfully completed.
1.Complete TVPPA Certified Power Technology (CPT) Program
2.Successfully write an approved switching order per LCUB switching procedures and   show validation using the Engineering Analysis Model
3.LCUB Systems Control Skills Assessment with OMS, SCADA, and Engineering Analysis Model
Status: This listing expires on: 8/4/2024
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Lenoir City Utilities Board

Lenoir City,  TN 37772
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