Non-Member Event Registration Instructions
If you have any issues or questions, please contact Savannah Gilman at or (615) 373-5738.
Monday, May 16, 2022
by: Savannah Gilman

Section: TMEPA News and Event Announcements

Need help?

If you have any issues or questions, please contact Susan Sherrill at or (615) 373-5738

1. Follow this link HERE to create a login and register for the Annual Conference on the event page: 

2. Follow the link to the login page:

3. At the Login prompt click the Join Now link:

4. Complete the Membership Application Form for Non-Members and create login credentials to continue with event registration: 

5. Under “My Information” fill out your information (Check the box at the top to opt out if you’re not registering yourself and skip the next step). 

6. Under “Responses” complete the questions (red means its required) and click Next. 
7. Click Next at the bottom so it takes you to “Pricing”. (Registration Price is $0.00 because you must select an option on “Items”). Click Next. 

8. Choose your preferred Item(s) to register yourself and your organization members attending. Click Next to enter employee’s registration information in “Associates.”
9. Click on the edit button circled below (it will pop up a new box). 

10. Enter the information for the organization member(s) you are registering. 

Note: only members who have been added to your organization page on the TMEPA website will show in the Select Member dropdown menu. Registration price defaults to $0.00 - select your desired registration option in “Items.”

11. Click Next to answer questions (you’ll need to do this for each member you’re registering) regarding the Golf Tournament and hit Next to select any Additional Ticket Items and when you’re done click Close Associate Updates and it will return you to the main form.

12. Click Next again and it will take you to the Guests page. Click on the edit box to enter their information.

13. Select Guest Type:

Additional Attendee (Non-Members Only) registers an individual at the Registration Price of $650.00. Sponsor Included Registration adds the information for someone included in your Item sponsorship selection.

14. On the summary, you can review your registration details and if any information is missing it will say Fix Now and is required to proceed to checkout. Click Checkout Now to receive your invoice.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact Susan Sherrill at or (615) 373-5738.